Reimagine Real Estate

We reimagine real estate to create unique destinations that foster connection. At Ox Hill, we see endless possibilities in overlooked real estate. With our team’s decades of experience, we leverage our expertise and industry knowledge to look at properties with a fresh perspective and transform them into thriving destinations where people can live, work, and thrive.

Our goal is to create spaces that meet and exceed the community’s needs and aspirations. Ox Hill is committed to realizing the highest and best use for subject properties through sustainable development. We plan innovative concepts and state-of-the-art amenities that will invigorate and accentuate each city’s full potential.

Core Values


Design is the process of planning and creating something with a specific purpose and aesthetic. Ox Hill Companies’ first core value of design means that we understand the importance of creating thoughtful, sustainable, well-crafted solutions for our community.


Transformation is the act of making significant changes or improvements for the better. We want to emphasize the importance of continuous acts of improvement and the drive to innovate and create positive change in the world around us.


Inspiration is the act of motivating and encouraging others to achieve their goals or pursue their passions. At Ox Hill Companies, leadership, mentorship, and creativty are an important part of cultivating a supportive and empowering environment for people to thrive.

“Ox Hill Companies re-imagines and transforms properties with designs that encourage people to live, work, and thrive.”

Mission Statement

“Ox Hill envisions the possibilities in overlooked real estate to create spaces that are not just functional, but positively impact those who live and work in them. Our mission is to “create unique destinations that foster connection, community, and commerce.”  Our goal is to create spaces that meet and exceed the community’s needs and aspirations, by planning innovative concepts and state-of-the-art mixed used communities that will invigorate and accentuate each communities’ full potential.”


Our Committment to Sustainability

Ox Hill Companies (OHC) is committed to a sustainable and “green” future, incorporating environmentally friendly design techniques, materials, technologies and best practices into the development process. We are focused on reducing the environmental impact of our projects—thereby improving our community’s wellbeing—from conceptual design through daily operations.

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