Ox Hill’s Committment to Sustainability

Ox Hill Companies (OHC) is committed to a sustainable and green future by incorporating environmentally friendly design techniques, materials, technologies, and best practices into the development process.

Ox Hill Is Dedicated to Achieving LEED Certification

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Design) is the gold standard of green building ratings. This performance-based system encourages sustainable practices and energy-use reduction in design and development, providing guidance for green buildings that are healthy and highly efficient, while saving costs.

  • Optimizes energy performance
  • Reduces carbon footprints
  • Prevents pollution
  • Sustains water resources
  • 25% less energy consumed
  • 34% lower CO2 emissions
  • 50% decrease of greenhouse gas emissions

Ox Hill Is Dedicated to Achieving WELL Certification

WELL (the International WELL Building Institute’s certification method) helps us create projects that promote health and well-being. This performance-based system measures, certifies, and monitors features of the built environment across ten categories: air, thermal comfort, light, community, mind, movement, water, sound, materials, and nourishment.

  • Committed to people-first places
  • Prioritizes the health and safety of people
  • Optimizes human and social capital
  • Maximizes real estate value
  • 4.27 Billion square feet of WELL projects across 125 countries
  • 20,000+ Industry leaders and practitioners

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