The Ox

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  • Architecturally designed to fit into Old Town Fairfax
  • Consistent with the Old Town Small Area Plan (SAP), which speaks to the re-imagination of Old Town Fairfax as a cultural destination
  • Inject activity into the downtown and transform Old Town Fairfax into an entertainment destination
  • Result in long-desired extension of South Street; the extension is consistent with City’s long-term downtown transportation network
Projects include
  • Concert venue 
    • Attract musical acts and other performing artists to the city
    • Managed by an internationally known arts and entertainment operator
    • Ability for the City of Fairfax arts organizations to utilize designated space
    • 2,700 fixed seats with potential (standing) maximum capacity of 4,100 adhering to acoustic sound ordinance
  • Hotel
    • 163-Room hotel and conference center
  • Restaurant/retail
  • Sustainability efforts
    • Green roof
    • Green gallery – integrating historical buildings into the project
  • Transportation alternatives
    • Bus – CUE bus
    • Bike – bike racks and parking
    • Car – service parking, underground parking and Fairfax City parking lots  
    • Taxi and Rideshare – designated drop-off/pick-up locations for Uber, Lyft and Taxi
The Ox

*Disclaimer: Renderings are subject to change.


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FAQ for The Ox Fairfax

The Ox Fairfax is an activated cultural destination for the arts, entertainment, and hospitality where people can live, work, and play. The performing arts center will include 2,700 fixed seats with a potential (standing) maximum capacity of 4,100, will be managed by an internationally known arts and entertainment operator and will attract music acts and other performing artists to the City.

  • Will the Humane Society remain at its current location?

    The planned extension of South Street, by the City of Fairfax, will require a relocation of the Humane Society regardless of the Ox Fairfax Block A application.

  • How is the architecture going to change the historic City of Fairfax?

    The comprehensive design includes buildings to fit within the context of the surrounding area. We have implemented numerous harmonious architectural styles along each frontage to provide a variation in the facades and to avoid monolithic appearance.

  • Are you considering addressing affordable housing in the City of Fairfax?

    The Ox Fairfax application is for a commercial enterprise. There is no housing in this first application. During the next project phase, we would like to include a residential program, including affordable housing.

  • What percentage of taxpayer’s dollars would be used for The Ox Fairfax, Block A?

    No tax dollars will go towards the construction of this project. The cost will be absorbed by the commercial enterprise.

  • Where will all the concert attendees park in the City of Fairfax?

    Parking is a common topic of conversation within the City of Fairfax. The design of the new proposed concert hall and hotel will include a new underground parking structure in addition to surface parking. Ox Hill Companies will add parking spaces, in accordance with the City of Fairfax requirements.

    Case Study for readily available current FREE parking in the City of Fairfax: 2023 Asian Festival on Main with street closures. 23,000 attendees came to the one-day event. 1,040 FREE parking spaces are currently available for visitors; before additional concert spaces added. Download City of Fairfax Parking Map

  • What kind of impact will this have on traffic?

    Traffic is a concern in the Northern Virginia area and the City of Fairfax and something we have studied. The event center will generate traffic on off-hours, not during regular commuter hours. With a comprehensive plan, and the construction or requested infrastructure; South Street will improve the city’s network of street access.

    Case Study of traffic impacts for events in the City of Fairfax: 2023 Asian Festival on Main with street closures and traffic control. 23,000 attendees came to the one-day event; maximum capacity for one concert venue is 4,100

  • Why does the City of Fairfax need a concert venue when there are other venues within 30 miles?

    We are proposing a professionally for-profit concert venue that will present popular contemporary music performers. This will not be a proscenium stage theatre.

  • Why does the City of Fairfax need a concert venue, The Ox Fairfax?

    In alignment with the 2035 City of Fairfax Comprehensive Plan and the Old Town Fairfax Small Area Plan (the “SAP”), the Ox Fairfax will be designated as an activity center. This is consistent with the Old Town SAP, which speaks to the re-imagination of Old Town as a cultural destination. This plan calls for mixed-use activation including entertainment, hospitality, and food and beverage, our plan addresses and meets the plan’s objectives.